My very first attempt to write!

So, I’ve decided to start writing. But who am I? Let’s try to answer that first. I’m an Iranian girl, I see myself as a graphic designer, although I haven’t studied that. I studied Entrepreneurship Management in a university in Tehran which is a big university but it’s nothing compared to a good or even a bad university in a developed country. Anyway, I graduated about two years ago, since then I’m trying to find my way! Actually I’ve been trying to find my way since I was a child. But my problem is that I can’t ignore anything and stick to one thing. And that’s called having a strategy-choosing the best path that suits you and ignoring the rest- I want to be everything, and that makes me nothing. All I know is that I’m passionate about graphic design and I don’t like writing and specially speaking. And these are my weaknesses which I’m starting to conquer them. Because communication is one of the most important -if not say the most- skill that anyone could develop. Hence I will try to learn through doing and I’ve got a long road ahead of me.